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Yet, when self-confidence becomes arrogant or exploitative, we have a problem.“All people have personality styles, but when their ‘personality’ prevents them from maintaining employment and/or long-term relationships their style of relating becomes a disorder.” says Dr.Gospel charity demands that we even love our enemies—and that includes our cranky great aunt, my obnoxious boss, or a cantankerous neighbor. How do we know when it is time to end a relationship, or that someone might need professional help? But you would soon see the glazed look in their eye, as they shifted the conversation back to themselves.When is someone not merely difficult, but actually disordered? Once you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it will be all about the narcissist.It was not until I worked directly her, reporting to her alone, that I discovered she was one of the rare (but apparently increasing) breed of humans around whom the universe uniquely revolves.The first sign that something was awry, were oddities about the office.

He or she doesn’t stop to think: What part have I played in this fiasco? His relationships never work out, because he undermines them all. The narcissist avoids any real introspection, because deep down, she fears that she is worthless.

These people wonder why their relationships never seem to work out.

As one gentleman told me, “Every woman I date turns out to be a self-centered whiner.” This thought does not occur to the narcissist.

Now I don’t for a moment mean to say that your lover doesn’t have any feelings.

That would be totally incorrect and an insult to the whole idea of humanity.

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My boss was a packrat, with stacks and stacks of disorganized, definitively outdated files that were nonetheless precious.

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